Reaching patients in an increasingly complex marketing ecosystem

Marketing in the life sciences sector has never been more challenging. A growing focus on driving patient outcomes through direct-to-patient marketing and the need for data-driven and digital sales enablement tools to build healthcare provider relationships is pressuring marketers to deliver more content faster, across more channels, to different stakeholders

Add in tightening regulations and complicated medical review processes, combined with growing agency rosters and local market requirements, and it’s easy to see how brand teams are stretched to capacity and budgets spiral out of control.

  • Driving MLR acceptance rates, health care provider engagement and patient outcomes

    We help pharmaceutical companies increase speed-to-market and drive launch and regulatory excellence to effectively communicate with HCP and patients through the creative production of patient communications and digital sales enablement tools.

    Tag’s Regulatory Center of Excellence allows pharmaceutical companies to better balance the needs of the commercial business and the FDA, increasing MLR approval rates and speed to market, while reducing error and excess spend.

  • Big Pharma


    A leading pharmaceutical company faced a challenge in producing integrated marketing material across print and digital channels. Their goal was to develop content which appealed to their audience spanning patients, healthcare providers and field sales, both locally and globally. They knew that the regulatory approval process was slowing down their time to market but had no obvious ways of improving it. In the medical industry the race for first-entry advantage is competitive and critical for success.


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  • Increasing MLR success rates


    A leading pharmaceutical company needed to implement a better system of checks and balances for Medical, Legal, Regulatory review (MLR). Pharma/Biotech companies routinely conduct MLR on their product’s promotional materials to ensure that their products claims are medically accurate, legally safe and in compliance with FDA regulations. The pharmaceutical company’s marketers were using various internal and external resources, some of whom were not MLR specialists, to produce content and submit for MLR approval.


    Read the case study here.